Food & Drink

Food & DrinkFood and drink manufacturing is one of the UK’s most important industry sectors.

The FDF (UK Food & Drink Federation) recently reported that UK exports grew by 4.8% to £6.5bn during the 6 months of January to June 2014. The industry has always shown strong growth and this trend is predicted to continue.

There are an abundance of opportunities for UK food and drink manufacturers to grow their exports overseas. Demand for British products remains high, despite an increasingly competitive international marketplace.

To succeed in exporting food and drink products, there are many factors to consider for example; consumer preferences, government food regulations and very importantly, the competitive environment.

ISS has provided bespoke market reports for a wide variety of clients operating in international food and drink sectors, in both the B2B (business to business) supply chain markets as well as and B2C (business to consumer). We have also undertaken a great deal of international business planning and consultancy services for both large and small scale companies in the food and drink processing and manufacturing sectors.

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