Bespoke International Consultancy Services

International Consulting

Bespoke international operational and business development support – solutions (operational and/or tactical), scoped and tailored to the company’s individual business needs. This could include field-based activity and/or higher level operational/planning and implementation activities or interim Export/International Management roles.

In-depth, focused individual country or regional market support – tailored operational work (including country visits on the company’s behalf) focused on key geographical regions and countries therein for the company’s international business development or operational purposes.

International marketing planning support – again tailored to the company’s requirements. Both at the strategic and more tactical marketing levels (competitor analysis, market positioning, targeting etc. and/or marketing communications planning).


Our capabilities at International Strategy Solutions have been developed through years of international corporate and consulting experience providing solutions for difficult, fundamental problems facing our clients in their international operations and development in key global regions.

Specific services are available for the following regions:


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