International Marketing Planning

Budapest HungaryTaking the plunge and expanding in to an international market can be a somewhat daunting challenge for SME’s and even many large corporate organisations.  Despite globalisation, there are still some major difficulties in competing internationally which do not exist in the domestic market.

Gaining an understanding of the changing nature of the international trading environment and identifying larger strategic (global) and more “local” market trends can have a major impact on a company’s decision making when considering export or other forms of internationalisation.  There are also the individual country social and cultural considerations which effect customer/buyer/partner behaviour and how we approach international markets. 

The political, economic, environmental, legal and social structure of a country, along with its level of technological advancement, should be carefully assessed in order that the international market provides a synergy with the requirements of the business and that this can deliver the required return on investment.

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Having a sound knowledge of international and more local competitor activity is also essential in supporting selection of the most effective branding and positioning strategies.  These factors have a direct effect on marketing communications activity and require a very carefully blended mix of promotional tools which will reach and engage with the target market.  A well co-ordinated marketing communications plan will reinforce the marketing message, which is especially important in building brand awareness, brand loyalty and long term success in a market.

An International Marketing Plan from ISS will offer you a wealth of practical information and the guidance needed to make that all important leap in to a new international market.

Your International Marketing Plan will be a bespoke document, completely tailored to your business needs.

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