International Online Marketing

Online marketing can be a powerful and cost effective means of promoting your products and services to an international target market.

There are several facets to setting up a successful international online presence and performing ongoing targeted campaigns. We can provide a full solution tailored to your needs, incorporating some or all of the following services, and can provide support on an ongoing basis.

International Strategy Solutions

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International Web Landing Pages

The first step in marketing to an international audience is to create a landing page, and a different page will be created for each target country.

Creating an international landing page has many benefits:

  • It will become the focus for the target country’s marketing communications.
  • Increased visibility in a country’s search engine results.
  • Cost effective method in starting the international marketing process.
  • Providing a link back to your main website ensuring this too reaches a wider audience
  • May form the precursor event before future investment is made in a specific market entry

There are many different options in developing a landing page, and we treat every case individually.

  • Create a simple landing page based on a pre-designed template with the addition of a company logo
  • Copy existing online design from a current UK website
  • Design and develop a full bespoke website designed to appeal to the local market

We can also provide an option to translate the landing page text to the local language using experienced translators.

A top-level domain name for the target country is required for international Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – such as .pl (Poland) and .in (India.) Ideally the website should be hosted in the target country too, partly for download speed and for a small SEO benefit.

SEO is the method of improving a website’s visibility within search engines’ natural listings. It is a proven method for driving visitors to a website, and will result in more conversions and completed calls to action.

Inbound International Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process of making a company easy to be found online, partly by creating interesting content and promoting it through social media channels. It combines SEO and Social Media Marketing to create a powerful marketing toolset.

Social Media Marketing is the method of promoting a brand through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. The benefits of Social Media Marketing are far reaching, as not only can the user learn about a business without visiting a website, it increases visitors to the site and boosts natural search engine rankings.

Video Production

A video can be very effective at quickly describing your brand and products / service, both on a website and for inbound marketing benefits through YouTube and other video channels. Google looks favourably at videos for its organic search results, and videos placed within a website holds attention and increases conversions.

A video can become an even more powerful tool in an international context as it can be more compelling than words alone.

We can produce videos from simple productions using still images and text, to full productions using local camera crews.

International Email Marketing

Sending branded emails to an opted-in list is an Outbound Marketing process, as it is a direct communication to an audience. It can be a very effective communication method if the recipients are expecting an email and the content is engaging.

Paid Advertising

Google and Facebook both provide targeted paid advertising, and are an instant way to reach an intended audience.

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