International Project Management Services

International Project Management ServicesEmbarking on your first foray into an international market, engaging in your first overseas visit / trade show or setting out on a pathway to internationalisation can be a daunting prospect – particularly when your existing resource is stretched and dedicated to your regular and ongoing business operations. ISS can provide dedicated project management resource to assist you with your international implementation programme, freeing up your management to remain attentive to their ongoing responsibilities whilst also ensuring that key milestones are achieved along the international project timeline.

What we provide

International Project Management for any international initiative or single standalone project – from preparation for a first overseas market visit to overseas exhibition planning, development and implementation of an international marketing communications project (website, collateral, PR etc.), support of SAS, ISR, business planning, market entry planning etc and use of a Project Manager to scope, initiate and part-complete / implement the agreed project with your business managers

Process Stages:

Stage 1:

Project Scope and Initiation:
0.5 days scoping project in your offices
0.5 – 1 day developing the project plan

Stage 2:

Presentation of the Project Plan:
0.5 days presenting and fine tuning the plan
Plan approval by key stakeholders
Assignment of project team roles & responsibilities

Stage 3:

Ongoing Project Management:
Use of an ISS supplied manager to ensure the project is kept on track
Regular project progress meetings

Key Benefits:

  • Ongoing, international project management on your behalf
  • Provision to your management team of an international project roadmap, recommendations, risk management and continual direction when trying to simultaneously manage other parts of your business
  • Structured project management platform and project plan issued to the company to involve all relevant stakeholders
  • Delivered quickly to ensure initiative momentum is not lost
  • Increased chance of international initiative success
  • Pragmatic, independent and impartial assistance: a fresh set of eyes and extra resource.
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The ISS International Project Management Pillars

Depending on the complexity of the project, all or some of the “pillars” below will be employed on your project:

  • Project Governance: Sponsor identification, stakeholder identification, scope (time/cost/quality)
  • Project Management: Project team structure, division of the project into defined work streams, project planning (what needs to be done, when, by whom and to what standards), provision of ongoing project management support in the form of an actual ISS Project Manager
  • Project Delivery Tools: Project Directory, meeting structures, Gantt Chart, Risk Log
  • Change and Risk Management: Identification of risks, reporting, risk ownership / mitigation, contingency planning, change control
  • Progress and Performance Management: Project team meetings, progress against plan, sign off, project review
  • Budget Management: Draft cost planning (budgeting) and performance monitoring against budget

What to do next:

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