International Strategy Review

International Strategy Audit

The International Strategy Review acts as an aid to strategic decision making and international business planning processes.

This bespoke report takes a holistic view of a company’s current international operational status quo and includes the development and presentation of strategic business recommendations for both the short term and over the longer run.

It is designed for senior management who require a more prescriptive strategic analysis to ensure that their international business objectives are achieved.

The International Strategy Review is divided into two stages:

Stage One: Data Collection and Analysis

The data collection and analysis stage includes an International Market Snapshot and aims to cover key areas across the organisation including, but not limited to, Sales and Marketing, Operations/Manufacturing, Human Resources, Finance and Information Systems. The data collected is subsequently analysed using various business models in order to generate a current strategic status for the firm with regard to, for example; where the firm is positioned within the specific markets, industry and macro-business environment it operates within, how its own products and services are positioned versus the competition as well as an analysis of its own internal core competencies (or otherwise) versus the company’s current and future international aspirations.

Strategic recommendations and possible directions for the firm are also generated during this part of the process. Data collection with the client is anticipated to take half a day with the subsequent analysis taking a further full day.

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Stage Two: Feedback to the Client Business

Feedback to the company’s senior management team takes the form of an extended PowerPoint presentation delivered in an interactive discussion format using various business models to demonstrate the company’s current strategic status and why, as a result, certain strategic recommendations have been made. This is anticipated to take half a day.

Key Benefits:

  • An independent strategic review to aid the international strategy and business planning processes
  • Provision of independent international strategic recommendations and directions
  • Acts as a structured discussion platform for senior management teams in the development of their own international strategy and business plans
  • Delivered in a relatively short-time frame to ensure capture and use of “real-time” data in order that strategic recommendations are current and relevant at the time of presentation

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