Problem Scenario

We’ve been contacted by an agent and want to know more about the country and the market.

What you receive

The International Market Snapshot is a concise and tailor-made report of market information with web links to Internet sites with information on:

  • what’s happening in the sector
  • information on agents and distributors so you can compare
  • information on routes to market
  • what your competition is doing
  • trade shows to visit to develop new contacts
  • 1-2 countries per Snapshot

How does the Snapshot help you?

  • Enables you to evaluate the agent or distributor that has contacted you
  • Information so you can negotiate with the agent from a strong position, having an understanding of the market in their terrority and an understanding of other agencies /distributors
  • Understand what your competition is doing
  • Know whether there are opportunities to win business in this country