Russia and CIS

Russia and CISUtilising extensive commercial, cultural and language knowledge of Russia and the CIS Region, International Strategy Solutions offers bespoke business support to companies looking to initiate or expand their operations within Russia and the CIS Region. Types of support offered to companies can include, but not be limited to the following:

  • International business strategy development bespoke to the Russia and CIS Region (including outsourcing, strategic alliance development, in country company set-up).
  • Russia and CIS Region market entry planning and implementation support
  • Logistics, shipping and product/service approvals advice and support
  • Sales/business development advice and support
  • Support for the effective management of distributors, agents or other third-party representatives in the Region
  • Bespoke regional marketing planning development and implementation support
  • Access to contacts and networks across Russia and the CIS Region
International Strategy Solutions

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Client Deliverables

  • Ideally – an increase in profitability and revenue from its international activities within Russia and the CIS Region
  • Re-focus by the business on its international operations within the Russia and the CIS Region to create added value from the Region in addition to increased revenues and profitability such as cost base efficiencies (outsourcing and manufacturing), company set-up advice, effective and efficient management of third party/distributor networks, product/service approvals and logistics advice
  • Increased international competitive advantage within the Russia and the CIS Region
  • Mitigation of risk related to delivery of stated individual international business objectives within Russia and the CIS Region
  • High level of feedback and delivery of recommendations and advice within a short time frame
  • Bespoke cultural and commercial knowledge transfer to client companies

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