Specialist International Business Seminars

Specialist01Designed to be delivered to groups of companies or a larger single business team as a half-day session, ISS have designed two specialist seminars:

International Marketing: Building a Competitive International Proposition

This seeks to take a company through the international marketing planning process from high level strategic marketing and the international marketing audit (including business environment, competitor analysis positioning, segmentation and targeting) to marketing communications planning (website, social media, exhibitions, sales and business development etc.) and also includes a section on how culture will impact on your international marketing.


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Doing Business in Central and Eastern and Europe and Russia – Opportunities and Challenges

Comprises two parts: (i) a CEE Overview including opportunities, challenges, market strategy, cultural snapshot and business etiquette in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Poland as first international step (ii) Russian Federation overview including opportunities, challenges, market strategy cultural snapshot and business etiquette in Russia, GOST certification and sanctions information (the current situation)